The publisher of the scientific and technical journal on navigation problems ‘Novosti Navigatsii’ («Navigation News») is the Joint Stock Company  «Internavigation Research & Technical Centre of Advanced Navigation Technologies» (JSC RTC «Internavigation»).


JSC «RTC «Internavigation»:

— interacts with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), European Commission (EC), International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), Eurocontrol, Far East Radio Navigation Service (FERNS)  and other organizations in the field of radionavigatuion;

— is the working body of the Radionavigation Interstate Council of CIS member states;

— conducts R&D to create integrated radio navigation systems (services) with the participation of Russia in accordance with the Agreements signed by the Russian Federation with the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea;

— provides (in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation) the administrative management and organization of operation of Russian stations that are part of the integrated radionavigation systems (services);

— designs and manufactures high-altitude antenna farms with height of up to 100 m, and small-size antennas for receiving devices;

— takes part in international projects on the creation of integrated circuits of pulse-phase radionavigation systems, the introduction of technologies for the transmission of differential corrections for satellite navigation systems;

— works on certification of the pulse-phase radionavigation system and satellite navigation equipment of users of global navigation satellite systems;

— takes participation in the organization and holding of international conferences «Tendencies and harmonization of the development of radio navigation services».


Also based at JSC «RTC «Internavigation»:

— a testing and technical center for the collective use of production and testing of software and hardware for navigation equipment, including the laboratory «International Navigation-Test»;

— a technical committee No. 363 «Radionavigation» of the State Standard of Russia TC-363;

— Interstate Scientific Information System «Radionavigation» as a part of the Interstate and National Information Centers for Radionavigation in the CIS member states.