The quarterly Journal «Novosti Navigaсii» («Navigation News») is issued by the JSC «Internavigation Research & Technical Centre of Advanced Navigation Technologies» since 2004. Specialists coming from the RTC «Internavigation», the Interstate CIS Council «Radionavigation», the Russian Public Institute of Navigation and a couple of leading national radionavigation industry experts take part in preparation of the Journal content.

Official documets concerning navigation activities as well as original scientific articles, reviews, reports and essays on top issues of development of navigation services and methods are published in the edition. The journal could be of interest to a wide range of readers.

Besides the «Navigation News» content includes: materials of conferences, symposiums, meetings and workshops, operational messages on the navigation business and new products, the state of navigation systems; on organizational changes in transport and in industry; reports on the activities of the Russian Public Institute of Navigation and national navigation institutes of other countries, as well as international organizations such as the International Association of Institutes of Navigation, ICAO, IMO, the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities, the European Space Agency, EUROCONTROL, etc.

The Journal presents calendars of the navigation industry events (e.g. international, national and regional), reviews of international and national periodical editions, information about new books, industry market researches, etc.

Branch specialization of the Journal corresponds to the «Nomenclature of specialties of scientific staff» of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Journal generally refers to the branch «Engineering Sciences» (05.00.00) with three major groups of specialties: «Radio-engineering and Сommunication» (05.12.00), «Instrumental Engineering, Metrology and Information-measuring Devices and Systems» (05.11.00) and «Transport» (05.22.00).

The edition differs to its commonality of issues under consideration and the applied and operational information. That helps to occupy a niche among other well-known national journals which publish materials on navigation issues, such as «Gyroscopy and Navigation», «Radio Engineering», «Theory and Control Systems», «Aerospace Instrumentation», «Navigation and Hydrography», etc.

The  Journal has been included into the Russian Science Citation Index System e-LIBRARY since 2013. See here the general information and the content of the articles of the current journal issue.

In 2017, the  Journal was included into the printed mass media Catalogue «Publications of Institutions of Research and Scientific Information» of the «Rospechat’» Agency with the subscription index 60935. The Catalogue presents printed editions containing publications on the latest achievements of science and techniques, new technologies, approaches and solutions in various fields of human activities.

The Journal is disseminated between leading navigation industry companies and organizations. Besides it is presented at specialized exhibitions, Russian and international navigation conferences, symposiums, forums and other events related to the subjects of the journal.

In 2016 the Journal was successfully re-registered by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Registration Number ПИ № ФС77-67431).